– Not an ordinary coworking space.

We have taken the concept ‘coworking space’ in Helsingborg to a new level and created workspaces that are so welcoming that you actually forget that you are at work.

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“Can we have the meeting at your place”?

Forget about boring meeting rooms with standard furnishings. We don’t work like that. And you don’t have to either. Our well-equipped meeting rooms in different from the expected with a modern and inspiring decor. You are welcome to rent our meeting rooms even if you are not yet a member. For our members, the conference rooms are included in the monthly fee.

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The difference between coworking and office hotels?

What type of office spaces will you and your company need in the future when more and more people want to work flexibly, and long and inflexible leases feel outdated? Here, we provide you with answers to some of the most common questions about office hotels and coworking.

Which office space
should you choose?

We offer four types of memberships for all kinds of needs.All with flexible contracts, so that you can switch if your needs changes. Contact us if you need any help to choose.

What do you think is best about HK?

”The office just works. I can fully focus on my clients without having to worry about all the other things around”

Christoffer – Avitus IT
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Some of
our members

What is coworking?

In brief, it can be explained as a hotel for offices! More specifically, it’s an office where you can rent either a desk in an open space or a small private office. Often, the offices/desks are already furnished with office furniture and internet, and shared spaces, conference hours, etc are usually included in the rent.

If you want to read more about what’s included in a membership at our coworkings spaces, Click here

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