Beyond the
expected office.

We have chosen to invest in different options of office spaces so that it fits the companies’ different needs. Which has resulted in that we have options for you who are self-employed as well as for larger companies. Fully furnished offices with flexible contracts makes it easy for companies to pic an office. With Huvudkontoret’s office solutions you can easily add one or several offices if your business is growing and just as easy remove the amount of office spaces if the need decreases.

The office beyond the ordinary

Internet and fully furnished offices with comfortable office furniture are a matter of course for us!

Our costumers also appreciate everything else that is included, in addition to offices, and that everything just works. Some of the things that is included in a membership at HK is staffed reception that welcomes you and your guests, several conference rooms with modern technique and shared office spaces that are beyond the ordinary.

Common questions

Conference rooms
Unique furniture
Staffed reception
Breakfast & cleaning

Do you need help choosing an office?

We are here for you, to make sure you are comfortable and that everything works. We look forward to meeting you.

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