What is a cookie?

Hk.se uses so-called cookies on our website https://hk.se/. A cookie is a small text file that contains information about websites you have visited, how long you have visited them, or settings you have made on the website. The file is saved on your computer, tablet, or phone and is then used by your browser.

Different types of cookies

There are several different types of cookies with different purposes and storage durations. First, there are session cookies that are only stored in the computer’s memory as long as you use the website but disappear when you close the browser or switch to another website. There are also cookies that are stored for a longer period, even when you are not using the website.

Primarily, there are first-party cookies, which are cookies placed by the own website. This type of cookie does not send data to any other party. However, there are also third-party cookies placed on the website by us to use services from an external provider that is needed to operate other content and functionality on the website, such as Facebook’s “like” button or the Google Analytics analysis tool.

First-party cookies

Hk.se uses cookies to temporarily save user choices.

Storage time: session cookie (deleted when you leave the page)

Third-party cookies

Hk.se uses cookies from Google Analytics to analyze and improve our website using Google’s services.

Within Google Analytics, we use three cookies:

  • _ga
    • A cookie that distinguishes unique users and tracks how they use the website.
    • Storage time: 24 months
  • _gat
    • A cookie that limits the number of requests to Google Analytics when the website is under high load.
    • Storage time: session cookie (until you close the website)
  • _gid
    • Also used to distinguish unique users.
    • Storage time: 24 hours

Example: With the help of Google Analytics, we can follow how a typical user uses our website. This way, we can ensure that information and functionality are in the right place, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

The information that Google Analytics cookies store when you use our website is managed by Google and transmitted to Google’s servers (including your IP address). If you want more information about how Google handles this data, you can read more in Google’s privacy policy here.


Act, c_user, datr, dpr, fr, presence, sv, wd, and xs are cookies that result from using Facebook’s services. If you want more information about Facebook’s cookie policy, click here.

Storage time: Up to 24 months

Example: By using Facebook’s services, we can have a “like” button on our website.

Facebook Pixel

In this case, a small image (not visible to the eye) is placed on one or more of the website’s pages. When your browser reads this image, a cookie is triggered, which in turn saves information. Facebook pixel is used to understand how a user uses the website in order to build a target audience for marketing purposes. Read more about Facebook’s cookie policy here.

Base Pixel

The pixel makes it possible to track who visits a specific page on the website and how long they stay.

Event Pixel

A pixel that tracks various types of events that occur on the website, such as when you submit a form.

Your consent

Our starting point is to obtain your consent before we retrieve or store cookies. However, when it comes to cookies that are intended to keep track of data you have entered in online forms or when we measure web traffic on our website using our own tools, we do not obtain your consent.

We do not use cookies to collect personal information. In cases where www.hk.se would start using this type of cookie, we will not disclose personal information to another party. You will also be informed of the use of new cookies that would collect this type of information about you so that you have the opportunity to give your consent or decline it.

If you choose not to give your consent to cookies on www.hk.se, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the website will work for you as intended. Several of our functions depend on the presence of cookies; for example, purchasing products will not work.

By using the website, you consent to us using cookies in accordance with this cookie policy.

Your rights

Preventing HK from storing cookies

You have the right to prevent HK.se from storing cookies on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Most web browsers have a default setting that accepts the use of cookies. You can set your browser to automatically block cookies, or you can be informed each time a website requests to store a cookie. You can also choose to delete individual cookies or delete all cookies stored on your computer.

The method for preventing cookies varies depending on which web browser you use. Below is a list of links to the help pages for the most common web browsers. Please note that the process descriptions of the browsers may change, and the links below and/or the content they link to may not always

Cookie Management Instructions

Du använder en föråldrad webbläsare. Alla funktioner fungerar inte i din webbläsare. Var vänlig uppgradera din webbläsare för att förbättra din upplevelse och öka din säkerhet.