In this guide, Huvudkontoret has compiled information on the state of coworking spaces in Helsingborg, and we hope it can help you find your new office. Coworking spaces in Helsingborg have become a popular way to have your office, and today there are more options than ever on the market. There has been significant growth in the coworking market in Helsingborg and the surrounding areas in recent years. It has evolved from anonymous office spaces in dull locations to a significant investment in interior design and attractive common areas.

What is a traditional coworking space in Helsingborg?

The traditional type of coworking space in Helsingborg has been around since the 1980s. Think of anonymous office rooms in uninspiring locations, albeit with a shared kitchenette. Typically, these are larger office spaces that a company previously rented, which the property owner has converted into a coworking space. A typical coworking space in Helsingborg has several small rooms starting from 5 square meters and up, accommodating 1-2 workstations up to 6 workstations.

What is the development like in Helsingborg?

In recent years, Helsingborg has seen a transformation in the coworking market. There has been an emphasis on more modern concepts with larger common areas where companies can integrate with each other. Some have also focused on including a lot of services in the monthly cost, giving customers access to convenient services such as reception services, conference rooms, and mail and package handling. Some coworking spaces in Helsingborg also offer larger office spaces for companies with more employees. This way, the company gets a larger portion of the coworking space while still benefiting from all the included services.

How do the contracts compare to traditional lease agreements?

One significant difference is the flexible lease agreements, which are shorter than the traditional 3-5 year leases that most property owners still adhere to. You can find notice periods of 1-4 months on the market, but usually, it ranges from 3-12 months of commitment for a coworking space in Helsingborg. An essential distinction from a regular lease agreement is that most modern coworking spaces in Helsingborg negotiate away the possession protection in the contract. This means that as a tenant, you do not have protection to stay when your contract expires, as you would with a traditional lease. An advantage for you as a customer is that you have very flexible contracts, allowing you to easily increase or decrease the number of workstations as your needs change.

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What does a coworking space cost in Helsingborg?

In the outskirts, you can find prices as low as 2,000 SEK per person for a private office, while prices can go up to 9,000 SEK per person in the central parts of Helsingborg. Many facilities also offer coworking spaces in a shared and open environment, with prices ranging from 1,000 to 4,500 SEK per person per month. The cost varies just like when renting a traditional office space, depending on demand, location, and room quality.

Price examples below refer to desk in private office spaces:

  • Central Helsingborg: 45000-9000 Sek/month per person
  • Nearby Business Districts 3000-6000 Sek/month per person
  • Suburbs: 2000-4000 Sek/month per person

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Of course, the price tag depends on the interior, quality, and location. Coworking spaces in Helsingborg can vary significantly in their appearance and offerings. If you receive many clients, the interior and quality of the coworking space can be a crucial part of your company’s identity and a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining top-notch employees

How much does coworking in Helsingborg cost compared to a traditional office?

An important aspect of coworking is that you only pay for the number of office spaces you currently have. If you expand, you can easily add the number of spaces you need.

When you compare the fixed monthly cost of a coworking space with the rent of an equally well-located ‘private’ office, you will often find that the coworking space is slightly more expensive. However, this is often because the costs of a ‘private’ office are underestimated. If you instead calculate your actual office expenses, coworking spaces are usually the most cost-effective option. When you add up the electricity bill, cleaning, broadband, furniture depreciation, security system, insurance, and leasing of technology equipment.

What you should also consider in the calculation is the time it takes to administer an office, which often takes up to 5 hours per week.

Is furniture included in an coworking space in Helsingborg

It varies from coworking space to coworking space in Helsingborg. Some older, more traditional office hotels often rent out empty rooms, while newer ones offer furnished rooms. Most coworking spaces furnish the rooms with desks, desk chairs, and some form of storage furniture. Some coworking spaces also choose to furnish with desk lamps, bulletin boards, etc. With furnished rooms, you don’t have to buy and furnish the room yourself, which is more cost-effective in the long run. However, keep in mind that you are responsible for leaving the room and furniture in the same condition as when you started

Are operating costs included?

In most modern coworking spaces, operating costs are included, which would otherwise be added to the base rent of your office. Operating costs can include expenses such as electricity, heating, waste management, and property tax.

Does it include conference rooms?

It depends on the specific coworking space in Helsingborg. Many include a certain number of meeting hours in the monthly cost, while others charge for the meeting hours used. A tip is to check what the conference rooms look like because it can vary significantly. Some have only a whiteboard, while others have modern presentation technology and have put more effort into the interior. It all depends on how you, as a business owner, want your customers to perceive you.

What services are included?

It varies greatly; there are low-cost options with minimal services, and there are full-service concepts where everything and more is included. Tip: If you’re choosing between two coworking spaces in Helsingborg, try to compare them on a “like-for-like” basis. If one option offers fewer services, calculate the cost per month for each service and estimate how much time you’ll save. Time is money!

Why are coworking spaces becoming a more common choice in Helsingborg?

As in the rest of the world, our way of working has changed. Most of us don’t work 100% of our time ‘in the office’ anymore, especially since we’ve realized that working more flexibly is both more enjoyable and productive. This means that many companies may not need as much office space in the future, as not all employees will be present at the same time. When you choose a coworking space, you can increase (or decrease) the number of office seats as your needs change, and you’re not locked into a long-term lease.

Other reasons for choosing coworking spaces in Helsingborg?

Another aspect is the technological development that has been happening for a long time but has seen a significant boost in a short period, especially the acceptance of video meetings. This allows companies to recruit the right talent for the job, focusing on competency rather than the person’s ability to physically reach the geographical office. Many larger companies with headquarters in major cities offer their employees the option to work from coworking spaces in Helsingborg, across Sweden, and in other parts of the world.

In summary, about office hotels in Helsingborg!

There are now coworking spaces in Helsingborg that cater to most different companies with varying offerings and price ranges. The most important thing for you as a customer is to make sure that the coworking space reflects the corporate identity you have and that you feel the environment is appealing. We hope you received some valuable tips, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to tell you more about our coworking spaces in Helsingborg.

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