We opened our first coworking space in Helsingborg at Väla Södra in March 2019. Seven months later, we opened the doors to our second coworking space on Båthusgatan in Norra Hamnen. Now, we are planning for our third

When we started our operations in 2019, we didn’t want to use the term “coworking space” for our units. This was because we felt that coworking spaces in Helsingborg conveyed a “temporary solution.” In other words, a somewhat dull place where solo entrepreneurs and small businesses sat while looking for a “real office.”

We wanted to create something different. Something more modern that leveraged the advantages of the sharing economy but was also so pleasant and flexible that our members would never feel the need to move on as their space requirements changed. And it catered to all types of businesses. The result was Huvudkontoret.

Today, we have a wide variety of companies as members: lawyers, IT consultants, accountants, advertising agencies, and construction companies. Some rent one desk, others ten. And when their needs change, they are not locked into long-term contracts that prevent them from increasing or decreasing the number of office spaces.

Our goal is to make your daily life easier so you can focus on your business. We eliminate time-wasting tasks like dealing with cleaning, printers, and networks. Simply put, you work, we handle the rest.

Now that we see it in writing, we realize that the term “coworking space” might not be so misleading after all. All we ask is that you forget everything you know about coworking spaces and come here to see for yourself.

You won’t be disappointed.

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