With full focus
on the business.

Choose between office rooms with two or four workstations. In the membership, breakfast, networking, reception service, access to meeting rooms, printing, mailbox, and much more are included to make your and your colleagues work life easier and more productive. The team can sit in the same room and fully focus on business. See below.

Kontorshotell-Helsingborg -Eget kontor-Makadamgatan 5
Makadamgatan 5

Who is team office for?

For those who need larger spaces for their company but still wants to take advantage of all the benefits of a co-working office. Of coure, it is possible to combine multiple team offices if you are more than four employees.

This is included

Team office
Team office from
5 522
SEK/month – per person

Come and see us

Do you like what you’ve seen so far and want to know more? Fill in your information and we will contact you and tell you more about our co-working offices in Helsingborg.

Team office from
5 522
per person

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